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Digital Signal Processing Manufacturers

Custom Sensors And Embedded Systems

US Motion is one of the top DSP processor manufacturers for designing both custom sensors and embedded digital sensor processing systems. Our sensors and digital signal processors perform mathematical functions quickly to use digitized, real world signals from voice, audio, temperature, pressure, or position. This technology allows signals to be displayed, analyzed, converted to another type of signal, and used in various operating environments, and these processes are all performed at very high speeds.

As a leader among digital signal processor manufacturers, we also take into consideration battery power combined with wireless communication standards. This combination provides the ultimate flexibility in distribution and deployment in your data acquisition system. We offer the following digital signal processor solutions:

  • DISTANCE OPTICAL: 5-20 um accuracy / < 5 um repeatability, 1024 pixel line array with 7 um spacing, Factory calibration data stored in sensor EEPROM
  • DISTANCE CONTACT: 1 mm stroke, ± 0.003 mm accuracy / ± 0.003 mm repeatability, LVDT magnet coil and core technology
  • FORCE: Up to ± 800 g measurement range, ±10 g accuracy, Integrated strain gauge / load cell
  • PRESSURE: Pressure gauge to -15 psi, Accuracy: 0.5% of pressure range
  • ACCELERATION: Single, dual, and three-axis options, 0.05 g resolution
  • COMMON FEATURES: NIST traceable calibration stands, Factory calibration data stored in sensor EEPROM
  • OTHERS: Data logging software, Remote control (Bluetooth, USB, ZigBee wireless) Battery life: up to 40 hours (950 mAh Lithium Ion Battery)

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