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Invested in Your Mechatronic Custom Solution

Custom Motion Control Mechatronic Assemblies for Servo Drives, Encoders, Sensors, Frameless Motors & Integrated Modules

Off-the-shelf products are not meant for custom mechatronic assemblies. Companies look to US Motion to help them create products that have intuitive, custom designs for motion control mechatronic applications.

At US Motion, we’re invested in the success of your mechatronic custom solution.

Our engineers are highly skilled at providing design and final custom mechatronic assemblies for:

We provide motion control mechatronic solutions for industries, such as:

US Motion creates exceptional form-factor requirements from weight / mass budgets to unique mechanical and electronic footprints, where performance must be maximized and power budget is a priority.

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Accessibility to Subject Matter Experts

US Motion is a collaborative partner utilizing Custom Design and Program processes. We apply these resources to design, prototype, manufacturing, test engineering, quality, sourcing, and contamination control.

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