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Encoder Mechatronics – Specifically Designed for Your Application

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Encoder mechatronics are primarily needed in designs for optical, transmissive, and incremental rotary codedisks.

US Motion specializes in the design & manufacturing of servo motor encoders, rotary encoders, optical encoders & other encoder mechatronics.

We work with your company to create OEM kits that contain custom readheads, readhead optics, & codedisks, and pair them with off-the-shelf products to match your mechatronic requirements.

We possess the flexibility and expertise to expand the options for your specific application – taking into account the continuum of sizes and distances for such design.

Custom Encoder Features:

  • Incremental or Absolute Optical Encoders
  • Linear or Rotary Encoder Architecture
  • Transmissive or Reflective
  • 2 or 3 Channel
  • Hollow-Shaft Encoder Options
  • Wide Range of Shaft & Bore Diameters
  • Custom Codedisk Materials:
    • Mylar
    • Stainless
    • Chrome on Glass
    • Chrome on Plastic
  • Wide Range of Resolutions
  • Custom Housings, Custom Packaging (including Motor Mounts & Custom Electronics)
  • Many Termination & Cabling Options
  • Codedisks up to 8” in Diameter
  • Individual Components & Accessories (including Housings, Electronics, Codedisks, Cables, and Installation Tools)
Start the conversation with US Motion today & tell us how we can help with your encoder mechatronics.