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Custom Servo Motor Encoders

Encoder Mechatronic Solutions

Encoder mechatronics are primarily needed in designs for optical, transmissive, and incremental rotary codedisks. US Motion specializes in the design and manufacturing of servo motor encoders, rotary encoders, optical encoders, and other encoder mechatronics.

We will work with your company to create OEM kits that contain custom readheads, readhead optics, and codedisks, and we can pair them with off-the-shelf products to match your mechatronic requirements. We possess the flexibility and expertise to expand the options for your specific application, taking into account the continuum of sizes and distances for such design.

Custom Encoder Features

  • Incremental or Absolute Optical Encodersmechanical engineering oem encoders
  • Linear or Rotary Encoder Architecture
  • Transmissive or Reflective
  • 2 or 3 Channel
  • Hollow-Shaft Encoder Options
  • Wide Range of Shaft & Bore Diameters
  • Custom Codedisk Materials:
    • Mylar
    • Stainless
    • Chrome on Glass
    • Chrome on Plastic
  • Wide Range of Resolutions
  • Custom Housings, Custom Packaging (including Motor Mounts & Custom Electronics)
  • Many Termination & Cabling Options
  • Codedisks up to 8” in Diameter
  • Individual Components & Accessories (including Housings, Electronics, Codedisks, Cables, and Installation Tools)

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