Capabilities in Mechatronics Manufacturing

mechatronic assemblies Custom Motion Control

Combining the highest software, electronics, and mechanical expertise to meet the most demanding requirements encountered in dynamic systems

rotary encoder servo motor encoder Custom Encoders

Extending feedback capabilities by leveraging experience with COTS components as well as custom optical component design and manufacturing

digital signal processor dsp Sensors & DSP

Integrating measurement solutions within tight form factors, placing data acquisition in typically inaccessible locations and enabling new levels of process control

Custom & Innovative Mechatronic Assemblies

US Motion is on top of this new and exciting technology allowing our customers access to fully responsive mechatronic solutions.

We know the custom needs of companies in many industries are challenging and specific. That means maximizing excellence and value without compromising quality. US Motion has the teams and talent to make each customer’s needs realized, produced, tested, and successful. US Motion is the catalyst to your product’s success!