Unmanned Aircraft System Manufacturers Must Meet Demand for Technology that Enables UAV Missions to Continue When GPS is Degraded or Denied

UAV Motion Control GPS

As the need for advanced unmanned aircraft system technology surges, autonomous vehicle companies are feeling the pressure to find partners who can effectively accommodate aerial missions in complex environments.

The unmanned aircraft systems manufacturers who are able to produce reliable UAV motion control technology, custom servo motors, advanced sensors and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and encoders (linear and rotary) will be highly sought after by the top autonomous vehicle companies in the world.

One of the biggest demands in autonomous vehicle development will be ensuring UAV operations are maintained when GPS is degraded or denied due to complex environments.

This will be especially critical for search and rescue, deep space, deep sea and military UAV manufacturers; however, it could soon be a top priority for commercial drone companies where UAV operations must be maintained when GPS is compromised due to solar flares or CMEs.

Using a signal processing technique that combines information from different sensors (Multi-Sensor Fusion or MSF) will help ensure UAV operations go uninterrupted when GPS is degraded or denied.

Mechatronic companies who have a nuanced understanding of unmanned aircraft system technologies, will be the industry forerunners – devising UAV solutions that advance the capabilities of unmanned aircraft systems, allowing for aggressively intelligent missions.

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