Frencken Europe Acquires US Motion

Frencken US Motion

We are pleased to announce that US Motion, Inc. is now part of Frencken Europe B.V., a high-tech, multi-national company with a 65 year history of designing and manufacturing high quality Mechatronics.

Our name has changed toFrencken America Inc.,but you can expect the same services, the same quality products, and the same commitment to customer satisfaction that you have come to expect from our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing professionals.

As Frencken America Inc., we will be expanding our resources and capabilities to support our current customers and
Frencken Europe’s North American Mechatronics customers in product development, manufacturing, service and support. Frencken America Inc.will also provide prototyping services and has the ability to process special requests.

The Co-founders of US MOTION will have a continuing relationship with Frencken guaranteeing continuity. Lee Norman will provide services as the Chief Technology Consultant to Frencken Europe B.V. and Darren Helm will lead Frencken America Inc. as the Managing Director. Both Norman and Helm will report to Henk Tappel, Frencken Europe’s Managing Director.
Frencken Europe B.V. is part of Frencken Group Limited (, a global business-to-business high-tech capital equipment and automotive component provider.The Group is a publiccorporation listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange since May of 2005.

The Frencken Group serves customers in Europe, Asia and the USA through its global network of subsidiaries which are strategically located in The Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, China and now in the United States. The Frencken Group offers a comprehensive range of product solutions that span the entire value chain–from initial product design, development, and prototyping, to engineering, final test, and series manufacturing.

Frencken Europe is responsible for setting the strategic direction for all Mechatronics activities within Frencken Group Limited, with the main focus on the semiconductor, medical, analytical and industrial automation markets. Frencken’s customers include AB Sciex, ASML, FEI, GE Healthcare, Kodak,Panalytical, Royal Philips Electronics, Seagate, Siemens, ThermoFisher and Uhlmann.

We firmly believe that teaming up with Frencken Europe B.V. is essential for meeting the growing expectations and requirements of our customers because it gives us the infrastructure and financial resources needed to scale up and deliver.

We welcome you to visit us at Frencken America Inc or any of the Frencken facilities worldwide to see for yourself the competitive advantage that Frencken can bring to your business.