US Motion Joins EtherCAT Technology Group

EtherCat Technology Group

Liberty Lake, WA — December 13, 2013

“We are taking our custom servo drive offering to the next level, offering advanced interoperability, real time updating and networked performance,” said Andrew Bennett/senior control engineer. “Targeting EtherCAT compliance certification, we can offer a control communication technology that matches modern industrial computing power.”

With the addition of EtherCAT to US Motion’s servo drive platform, a configurable toolbox for custom embedded motor controllers, we have an industry leading capability to provide turn-key control solutions. For more information on EtherCAT, visit the EtherCAT Technology Group site at

Frencken America became an official member of the EtherCAT Technology Group on December 6, 2013. This provided US Motion engineers with access to the full set of EtherCAT design standards and a vendor ID for marking products.

About US Motion, A Frencken America Brand
US Motion, designs, manufactures and integrates smart, precision electro-mechanical products and motion control systems which are tailored to solve the most important technical challenges faced by our customers. Frencken America is a Frencken Group company, offering value added engineering and mechatronics contract manufacturing services to industry leading OEMs. The businesses are involved in cutting edge projects in the semiconductor, analytical, aerospace and industrial markets.