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Mechanical Engineering Train, Rail and Semiconductor

Quality Products That Won’t Be Affected by Obsolescence!

We all know Murphy’s Law; the epigram that refers to something will go wrong if it can. But “Moore’s law,” coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965, promised obsoleteness will continue at a steady rate.

Because of Moore highlighting his findings that the number of transistors for integrated circuit boards were doubling every two years, the observance of OEM products becoming obsolete became real.

US Motion supports customers which have experienced obsolescence with OEM. Our engineers are keen in replicating motors solutions so they remain fit, form and function in the final application. Obsolescence is also becoming an issue for consumer electronics equipment, which has shorter life cycles.

We work to enable you to meet your product needs in either R&D prototyping or manufacturing. The team of engineers at US Motion creates innovative and cost effective technology and sustaining solutions to assist you in beating Moore’s Law.

Our Technology follows a cost roadmap and provides key technology areas including:

  • Air bearings
  • Linear motors
  • Accurate position control
  • Both Ultra Clean and Ultra High Vacuum

We build complex and precise mechatronic assemblies for lithography machines, mask inspection equipment, and pick and place equipment. As a preferred supplier, and often a single source, we have a long track record with our customers in the semiconductor capital goods.