medical mechatronics

Medical Mechatronics

Medical Mechanical Engineering For Custom Assembly Solutions

US Motion is a key manufacturer of medical mechatronics for a broad range of applications. Our expertise in medical mechanical engineering allows us to design and manufacture precise, custom mechatronics assembly solutions. We provide the following mechanical and electromechanical engineering services for the medical industry:

  • Custom Servo Motors
    • Frameless Motors
    • Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)
  • Custom Servo Drives
  • Motion Control Technology
  • Custom Encoders
  • Sensors & Digital Processing
  • Mechatronics Assembly
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Testing & Validation

We also specialize in high efficiency and reliability with low cogging, noise, and vibration in motors, precision motion assemblies, and embedded mechatronics. Our program-specific integration, verification, and test-for-design secures full qualification and workmanship for series production, and the processes and procedures we utilize are designed to ensure performance and reliability in both quality control and logistics.

We provide Design History Files (DHF) with design and qualifications that are driven by Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA) and the Device Master Record (DMR) as it relates to process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). This secures quality assurance across the entire product lifecycle, from traceability of the entire supply chain to final delivery.

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