SEMS mechanical engineering

SEMS Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Services For Sample Handling

At US Motion, our SEM mechanical engineering team formulates innovative solutions to challenging product needs. Our team collaborates and calculates solutions that support a broad range of high-performance microscopy products. The embedded mechatronics subsystems and motion control technology our mechatronics company provides drives advancement in life, materials, atomic science, and spectrometry.

Mechanical Engineering for Sample Handling SEM Stages

Our sample handling capabilities for SEM stages, include:

  • Design, materials and workmanship for barometric and temperature extremes
  • Complex linear and rotary motion systems integrated into electromechanically-dense mechatronics
  • Advanced sensor networks and digital signal processing in custom firmware
  • Integration, verification and test and challenging environmental and regulatory requirements
  • Clean room manufacturing and mechatronics fulfillment services

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