mechanical engineering aerospace

Mechanical Engineering Aerospace

Spaceflight-Engineered Mechatronics for Mars & Other Deep Space Missions

And US Motion has the ability to supply spaceflight qualified motors, controllers, and servo assemblies for orbital, Mars, and deep space missions. Our quality control and remarkable standards in design, manufacturing processes, verification, validation and testing result in meeting all FMEA protocols.

We assure that:

  • Plans, procedures and checklists with quality control and engineering sign off for verification
  • There is full traceability from raw materials to work processes with full documentation and record keeping
  • Equipment is calibrated, perform preventative maintenance and technician training verification
  • Contamination control and vacuum stability for sensitive applications like spectrometry and high resolution atmospheric science optics are in place
  • Thermal analysis/mass studies for all thermal processes and tests are performed
  • System safety and environmental verification for spaceflight critical activities is adhered to
  • Thermal cycling, launch environment shock and vibration testing, performance testing in thermal vacuum, life testing and workmanship verification is maintained.