servo motor tester

Servo Motor Tester & Validator

Precision Testing & Validation Ensures Product Value and Integrity

US Motion offers a wide range of variables for product testing and validating from measurement of fundamental motor parameters at room temperature to environmental extremes, which provides lifetime reliability.

Our Testing and Validation Process includes:

  • Full characterization of new and custom motor designs to verify performance and ensure adherence to design intent
  • Ongoing sampling of motors during production to ensure quality manufacturing
  • Statistical analysis of performance trends and understanding of the effects of manufacturing process variation on motor performance
  • System level integration and testing of off the shelf or customer provided motor and drive components

Our In-House Testing Capabilities Include:

  • Torque versus Speed
  • Input and Output Power Efficiency
  • Motor subsystem
  • Motor + Drive subsystem using various control methods
  • Thermal Characterization, Thermal resistance, Thermal time constant, Back EMF and Torque constants
  • Resistance and Inductance
  • Rotor Magnetic Field Strength Mapping
  • Cogging torque, Peak to peak, Harmonic content analysis, Hipot / Leakage Current / Insulation Resistance, Mass and Inertia, Environmental
  • Performance in temperature extremes: (-40°C to 150°C) and pressure extremes (1 x 10^-7 torr vacuum), Thermal Cycling, Accelerated Thermal Aging, Bearing Lifetime
  • Particulate emission monitoring for clean room environments

If you have any additional questions about the Testing and Validation processes of US Motion, please Contact Us.