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Custom Servo Drives & Systems

Custom Solutions For Embedded Mechatronics Control

Standard, off-the-shelf servo drive products may not meet the technical requirements of your application, costing you more for features that are unnecessary for your Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. US Motion specializes in design and fabrication of custom servo drive components that meet your PMSM motor requirements, and we will work with you to customize a design that fulfills a specific solution, fits the form or function, and meets the cost requirements you provide.

Multi-axis drives, including: Basic Motor Controllers and Complex Embedded Mechatronic Controllers, are designed and produced with the exact specifications to meet your application’s environmental and safety requirements. All of our custom servo drives provide real-time monitoring and control of multiple degrees of freedom, as well as process variables and environmental parameters. This technology aids in simplified mechatronic systems integration.

Embedded Servo Drives

US Motion custom servo drives are engineered to match a US Motion PMSM motor or Hollow Shaft BLDC motor. Custom servo drives can also be engineered to match COTS Sinusoidal or Trapezoidal motors. Our custom servo motor drives are built to meet your application-defined performance goals, communication needs, and control requirements.

Custom Servo Drives Features:

  • Real Time Statistics Reporting and Internal Real Time Logging of System Parameters
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, RS232, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, SPI and Customer-Specific Command Sets
  • Single and Multi-Axis Coordinated Control of Velocity, Position and Torque Across Rotary & Linear Sub-Systems
  • Multiple Feedback Configurations
  • Digital, Analog and/or Back EMF Sensor-less Observer
  • Multiple Encoder Interfaces
    • BISS
    • SSI +Sine/Cos
    • EnDat 2.2
    • Hiperface
    • Resolver
  • Up to 28-Bit Resolution
  • Configurable Analog and Digital Inputs/Outputs, including Isolation
  • Flexible High-pass, Low-pass and Band-pass Filters
  • Center-Aligned 3-phase PWM Power Switching and Integrated Fault Detection
  • Integrated Protection & Diagnostics:
    • Motor Stall/Servo Loop Following
    • Over Current
    • Over Temperature
    • Bus Over-Under Voltage
  • Custom Footprint on Physical Design Constraints

Servo Systems and Embedded Mechatronics Control

Custom Servo Drive Systems & Embedded Mechatronics Control Features:

  • Advanced Modeling using System Mathematical Models with Digital Signal Processing for Mechatronic Control of Multi-Sensor Inputs
  • Non-linear, Time-varying Control of Servos, Pneumatics and Thermal Components in Specialty Environments
  • Real-time System Input Measurement & Translation of:
    • Accelerometers
    • Gyroscopes
    • Magnetometers
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Optical Sensors
    • Magnetic Sensors
    • Bi-metallic Sensors
    • Infrared Sensors
    • Diode Sensors
  • Component Selection for the Environment
    • Temperature Extremes
    • Vacuum
    • Radiation
    • Magnetic Interference
    • Caustic Chemicals
    • 100% Humidity
  • Custom Firmware for GUI and System-specific Protocol and Command Sets for Motion Control and Manipulable Move Recipes
  • Customer Footprint based on Physical Design Constraints
  • Unique Regulatory & Organizational Requirements

When you work with US Motion, your business needs are woven into every aspect of design, mechatronics, and production. Our team instills high-quality project management throughout the entire design process and utilizes methods to manage risk timeline and traceability for medical and spaceflight industries.

US Motion verifies, validates, and tests all designs meeting FMEAs for workmanship, performance, safety, and environment lifespan.

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