frameless motor stator

Custom Frameless Motors with Stator & Rotor Options

Frameless Custom Servo Motors Built to Your Requirements

Frameless Motors are a fundamental element of today’s mechatronic systems, and include both Stator and Rotor as separate components.

If you have an extensive mechatronic assembly requirement that includes an electric motor, you may NOT need a fully housed motor.

We provide frameless /custom-servo-motors/custom-housed-motors/custom servo motors built to your specifications, which may include:

  • High Torque Capabilities
  • High Conductor Fill Factor
  • Specific Electrical Footprints Tailored to Application Requirements

US Motion engineers specialize in designing and manufacturing custom frameless motors with stator and rotor options.

STATOR Options:

stator motor

  • Slotted or slotless construction
  • Welded or bonded laminations
  • Powder coated or Nomex stator insulation
  • Skewed or straight
  • Conventional wound conductor or multilayer PCB stators

ROTOR Options:

frameless motor

  • Surface Permanent Magnet (SPM) and Internal Permanent Magnet (IPM) Rotors
  • Permanent Magnet Materials & Grades:
    • Neodymiium
    • Samarium Cobalt
    • Alnico
    • Others
  • Skewed or Straight Magnets
  • Non-Permanent Magnet type
    • Squirrel Cage/Induction
    • Switched Reluctance
  • Laminated or Solid Core
  • Radial Flux or Axial

Through focused electromagnetic design theory, proven manufacturing methods, theoretical and practical applications, and exploratory technology, US Motion gives their customers a comprehensive proposition for their Frameless Motor needs.

US Motion Specializes in:

  • Frameless motor system integration
  • Manufacturing tolerances: dimensional & magnetic, and the effect on motor performance (example: cogging torque)
  • Designing for low sensitivity to manufacturing imperfections
  • Cogging torque theory, measurement, and minimization or maximization
  • Motor sizing, based on your application
  • Thermal modeling leading to thermal validation (example: temperature effects on magnetic performance)
  • Reversible & irreversible magnetization processes
  • Iterative design & optimization based on finite element methods
  • Quality testing standards required for various specialty applications (vacuum, spaceflight and temperature extremes

We will work with you to design the best Frameless Motor adapted to your needs and application use!

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