Custom Servo Motors, Systems & Components

bldc motor Custom Housed Motors

High quality, high performance brushless servo motors designed and manufactured to meet challenging environmental requirements.

frameless motor stator Custom Frameless Motors

High torque, high fill factor frameless motors designed to custom size and performance requirements, offering complete flexibility to the system designer.

Custom Servo Drives

Embedded control systems with custom electrical, software, and mechanical interfaces to optimize customer integration and efficiency.

servo motor tester Test & Validation

Industry standard or fully customized testing ensures motor performance, efficiency, and expected thermal response over a wide range of environmental extremes.

Your company’s custom requirements for Rotary and Linear Servo Motor components and Servo systems are top priority at US Motion. When you work with our team of highly experienced engineers, the end products will be designed, manufactured, and validated to all your custom requirements. This ensures your particular Mechatronic technology based end product is completely optimized for full potential.

Our custom solutions ensure our finished products pass all aspects of your required specifications and industry application. US Motion is proficient in many areas of Mechatronic technology needs including spaceflight, medical concerns, precision optics, analytical and semiconductor applications in temperature and vacuum/pressure extremes, and more. Our team includes a wide mechanical and technical ability in many areas pertaining to Custom Servo Motors & Servo Motor Systems allowing us to meet numerous performance specifications and still have inherit flexibility and agility in volume manufacturing.

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