Linear and Rotary Servo Subsystem

US Motion provides a highly configurable, electromechanically dense, small footprint, low cost (<$1000) servo for multipurpose volume precision manufacturing. In house designed custom components include a hermetically sealed enclosure, global ac/dc converter, servo motion controller with advanced GUI and PLC customer configuration, communication interface, high efficiency motor and servo controlled clutch.

System Parameters

  • Precision control over Z and Ɵ with savable complex move recipes
  • Speed of operation – 6,000 rpm velocity, 60,000 rpm/s acceleration with 12-bit rotational accuracy
    • Wide range of supported inertia – 0 to 0.055 gm2
      • Rotary torque 0.4 Nm/linear force 500 N
  • HTML 5 – CSS/Java Script GUI, PLC digital I/O, Ethernet/IP Field Buss (M12 Cat 5/6) end user programmable control
  • Power and heat dissipation in small footprint – 200 W ac to dc conversion, high density electronics, motor, clutch and communication interface integrated into 12.0 (30.5) x 3.4 (8.6) x 2.5 (6.4) inch (cm) enclosure
    • Global range of input power – 50/60 Hz 110/220 Vac single phase

Expertise Provided

  • Custom electronics and mechanical design for low cost, high power, small footprint servo assembly
  • Advanced custom servo control of complex, precise, accurate, high speed, global power range, end user programmable rotary and linear motion assembly

Values Delivered

  • Low cost solution that supports the global marketplace for PLC automated precision manufacturing
  • Flexible, robust and easy end user programming facilitated by custom control and integration of multi-communication interfaces
    • Wi-Fi accessible, multiplatform – smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC GUI Wi-Fi
      • User configuration refinement of savable move profiles/recipes