Dual Axis, High Precision, Custom Servo Motor

US Motion provides a spaceflight motion control subsystem for advanced optical scanning technology. Services include systems development – mechanical (including custom motor design), electrical, software and control systems engineering; prototyping and qualification; supply chain management; series manufacturing and test.

System Parameters:

  • Precise dual servo (sub mRPM) velocity control with tight position coordination between axes (<5/1000 mechanical degrees)
  • Two UHV 18 bit 25 kHz resolution optical encoders for 6000 RPM and 1800 RPM motors on a single shaft
  • Wide thermal range (-40 ºC to 65 ºC), low outgassing and volatiles (CVCM <0.1 %, TML <1.0 %)
  • Low mass budget (5.4 kg), small footprint 53 mm x 53mm x 125 mm), large inner diameter (33 mm) with surface finish for laser reflection and precision mounting interfaces (0.03 mm)
  • Extreme shock and vibration tolerance: Shock 5gs; vibration 5Hz: 0.255g^2/Hz vertical, 0.08g^2/Hz horizontal, 50Hz: 0.0161g^2/Hz vertical, 0.005g^2/Hz horizontal, 500Hz: 0.001g^2/Hz vertical, 0.0003g^2/Hz horizontal

Expertise Provided:

  • Reducing power consumption over temperature range with challenge of vacuum compatible materials in close proximity of optics
  • Low latency encoder interpolation and dual axis coordinated control of electronic gearing with conversion from 50 kHz to 200 kHz
  • Predictive modeling with studies performed of system integration in environment (vacuum and temperature) for outgassing and power

Values Delivered:

  • Decreased power budget by 28% and mass budget by 13% for custom footprint UHV ultra clean motor
  • Supported optical technology development with rapid prototyping to minimize time to market
  • Repeatable manufacturing with certification of workmanship and contamination control per process verification and testing