quality motion control mechatronics

Quality Control For Mechatronics

Superb Product Longevity From the Highest Levels of Quality Control

Quality control for mechatronics is our #1 priority at US Motion. Our team of engineers maintains the highest standards of design and manufacturing engineering to provide our customers with the best product design and creation.

Engineers use program requirements and adhere to product specifications to meet or exceed regulatory requirements. We encompass KPIs in development, delivery of product, and ongoing improvements to be sure our customers are satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction Methods

At US Motion, customers are our partners and we take into consideration their perspective and value needs. With this in mind, we provide a holistic approach to working with a customer’s project requirements and vision. Our management team works to improve and maintain customer satisfaction working directly with the QA Manger. Our keen operators watch over the entire process, bringing any needs for correction or improvement to the management team and integrate these changes with our Plan-Do-Check-Act Principles.

Quality control limits are constantly reviewed to be sure there are no variations from the established detailed manufacturing checklist and QC inspection records. In addition, US Motion follows the Quality and Regulatory Certification Compliances below:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified (Click to View)
  • ISO 13485 Roadmap to active in 2017
  • RoHS and Conflict Minerals certifications active in BOM check
  • IPC 610 Certified Master Trainer and Technicians
  • IPC 620 Certified Technicians
  • In line measurement validation: Global Advantage Coordinate Measuring machine (CMM) 7.10.7

Be sure and Contact US Motion if you have any questions as to our Quality Control methodologies.