electric motor thermal analysis

Electric Motor Thermal Analysis

Innovating Solutions to Electric Motor Thermal Efficiency & Protection Challenges

Temperature & environment of use are critical factors in electric motor thermal analysis.

US Motion continually innovates solutions to electric motor thermal efficiency & protection challenges to design and manufacture the most performance-driven DC motors for each application and environment of use.

We create DC motor performance curves that are tested in varying thermal conditions before the motor is distributed & used in its intended application.

We also quantify the rising temperatures of a motor application to determine torque and voltage effects.

Our Custom Servo Motors and Mechatronic Subsystems can withstand barometric & thermal extremes, providing greater lifetime reliability.

Custom Motor Designs Tested to Withstand:

  • Random vibration, quasi-static loading and pyrotechnic shock
  • Stress analysis and life testing in the thermal and vacuum environment
  • Temperature Extremes, including thermal cycling, cryogenic (deep space) to high temperature (>200°C)
  • Custom firmware for GUI and system-specific protocol & command sets, as well as maniputable move recipes (velocity and position multi-axis movement coupled with flow and temperature modulation and/or gears, brakes and clutches)

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