electric motor thermal analysis

Electric Motor Thermal Analysis

Innovating the Best Ways to Solve Electric Motor Thermal Analysis Challenges

DC Motors are affected greatly by temperature and this needs to be considered based on the motor’s environment of use. US Motion creates DC Motor performance curves subjected to varying thermal conditions. This allows us to gauge the ability of the DC Motor before it is distributed and used in its intended application.

US Motion quantifies the rising temperatures of a motor application to determine torque and voltage affects. Our Servo Motors and Mechatronic Subsystems can withstand barometric and thermal extremes allowing greater lifetime reliability.

We Provide Quality Designs Tested to Withstand:

  • Random vibration, quasi-static loading and pyrotechnic shock
  • Stress analysis and life testing in the thermal and vacuum environment
  • Temperature Extremes, including thermal cycling, cryogenic (deep space) to high temperature (>200°C)
  • Custom firmware for GUI and system specific protocol and command sets and maniputable move recipes (velocity and position multi-axis movement coupled with flow and temperature modulation and/or gears, brakes and clutches)