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Custom BLDC Motor Solutions

Best in Custom Motor Manufacturing Design & End Product Completion

We use the highest level of design, analysis, and manufacturing methods for precision ultra-high efficiency BLDC motors to meet the most demanding operating and regulatory environments.

With each step of mechanical engineering, tracing and validating measures are in place to allow for quality control during every step of design and creation of your custom motor product.

We practice:

  • Workmanship and testing to standards
  • Specifications and Procedure Testing
  • Technician Certification
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Environmental control
  • Contamination control
  • Human and system safety and process methods for verification

Custom Motor Realization

US Motion Provides:

  • Custom and Build-to-print services – design analysis for high efficiency component design and system integration with specialty materials and processes for the specific operating environment and system specifications.
  • Full mechatronic integration mechanics and electronics (including clean room fabrication) performance and life testing for extreme environments
  • Insulation, bonding and encapsulation for high temperature, high power, ultra-high vacuum, and/or thermal cycling environments (process controls for mixing ratios and thermal mass studies)
  • Precision machined stator cores and rotors with small air gaps for efficiency and manufacturing tolerances to meet low cogging requirements and manufacturing tolerances for specialty applications, such as detent brakes
  • For specialty materials and processes further information is available on the Custom Stators and Custom Rotors and Shafts pages
  • High fill rate/condensed overturn via hand, mandrel and automated winding and compression of conventional, segmented and jointed stators

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