clean room mechatronics manufacturing

Clean Room Mechatronics Manufacturing

ISO Certified in Clean Room Environments for Mechatronics Manufacturing

We eliminate the need for our clients to be concerned about clean room standards by offering our services in an ISO 14644 compliant clean room. Clean rooms are virtually free of contaminants, such as dust or bacteria and follow stringent specifications for the production of precision parts for electronics or aerospace equipment.

We Meet These Clean Room Standards:

  • ISO 100 clean benches maintained and established with repeatable contamination control practices
  • Ultra-pure water, clean dry air, and filtered nitrogen delivery
  • Facility cleaning practices for component receiving, cleaning and inspection
  • SOPs detail gowning, hygiene, and air quality records
  • Clean room packaging for shipping

Quality, Traceability and Repeatability:

  • Full traceability with device identification labeling and part, process, and assembly workmanship verification, testing and certification
  • ISO 9001:2008 and active roadmap for 13485 Visit Our Quality Page
  • RoHS and Conflict Minerals Visit Our Quality Page compliant operations and supply chain

Mechatronics Integration for Complex Product Variants:

  • Advanced electronics integration; programming, configuration and testing for components and assemblies
  • Advanced ESD equipment and protocols for sensitive electronics
  • Custom and specialty mechanical components design, fabrication and integration


Do not hesitate to Contact US Motion if you have any questions about our clean room practices.