clean room mechatronics manufacturing

Clean Room Mechatronics Manufacturing

Mechatronics Manufacturing For Clean Room Environments

Does your application require a mechatronics manufacturer with clean room capabilities? US Motion is an ISO certified mechatronics company that can successfully meet ISO 14644 compliant clean room standards. Our clean room capabilities provide worry-free mechatronics manufacturing of precision parts for electronics, medical, and aerospace equipment.

Clean Room Standards We Meet

  • ISO 100 clean benches maintained and established with repeatable contamination control practices
  • Ultra-pure water, clean dry air, and filtered nitrogen delivery
  • Facility cleaning practices for component receiving, cleaning and inspection
  • Standard operating procedures for detail gowning, hygiene, and air quality records
  • Clean room packaging for shipping

Quality, Traceability, And Repeatability

  • Full traceability with device identification labeling and part, process, and assembly workmanship verification, testing and certification
  • ISO 9001:2015¬†and active roadmap for 13485
  • RoHS and Conflict Minerals¬†Compliant operations and supply chain

Mechatronics Integration For Complex Variants

  • Advanced electronics integration; programming, configuration and testing for components and assemblies
  • Advanced ESD equipment and protocols for sensitive electronics
  • Custom and specialty mechanical components design, fabrication and integration

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