vacuum servo motor

Vacuum Mechatronics for High Reliability

US Motion designs and manufactures high reliability custom motion control components and systems. We pay close attention to the ability to optics, particle beams, and measurement and detection devices to create excellent components.

Custom Components Include:

  • Control electronics
  • Encoders and encoder components
  • Feedthroughs
  • Frameless and housed motors for multi-axis linear and rotary motion systems.

We design and provide analysis, component and material selection for durability through:

  • Pump down
  • Bake-outs
  • Thermal cycling
  • Cryogenic operations including proper venting
  • 100 percent sealing/vacuum feedthrough
  • CTE and thermal

Our staff at US Motion possesses expertise in materials and provides:

  • Vacuum stability of materials mitigating the risk of damage to sensitive optics, detectors, and sources and preventing contamination that would corrupt samples
  • Selection, processing and validation of epoxies and adhesives, lubrication, flux, and insulation (TML/CVCM per NASA SP-R-0022A/NASA Out gassing Database, processed to manufacturer’s recommendations with vacuum bake-out and validation through testing per ASTM E 595/ASTM 1559E) stable in vacuum, temperature extreme and radiation environments

If you need to talk about your project’s needs, Contact US Motion.