vacuum servo motor

Custom Vacuum Mechatronics

Motion Control Systems For Vacuum Applications

US Motion designs and manufactures reliable, performance-driven custom motion control components and systems for vacuum applications. We pay close attention to optics, particle beams, and measurement & detection devices to create the most advanced vacuum mechatronics.

Custom Components

Durability Analysis And Design Assistance

We provide analysis and design assistance for enhanced durability in components and materials involved in:

  • Pump down
  • Bake-outs
  • Thermal cycling
  • Cryogenic Operations (including proper venting)
  • 100% Sealing/Vacuum Feedthrough
  • CTE and Thermal

Materials Expertise

US Motion provides the following materials expertise:

  • Vacuum stability of materials that mitigate risk of damage to sensitive optics, detectors
  • Identifying and preventing contamination sources that would corrupt samples
  • Selection, processing and validation of epoxies and adhesives, lubrication, flux, and insulation (TML/CVCM per NASA SP-R-0022A/NASA Out Gassing Database, processed to manufacturer’s recommendations with vacuum bake-out and validation through testing per ASTM E 595/ASTM 1559E) stable in vacuum, temperature extreme and radiation environments

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