vacuum servo motor

Performance-Driven Vacuum Servo Motors & Mechatronics

Custom Motion Control Components & Mechatronic Systems for Vacuum Applications

US Motion designs and manufactures reliable, performance-driven custom motion control components and systems for vacuum applications.

We pay close attention to optics, particle beams, and measurement & detection devices to create the most advanced vacuum mechatronics.

Custom Components

Durability Analysis & Design Assistance

We provide analysis and design assistance for enhanced durability in components and materials involved in:

  • Pump down
  • Bake-outs
  • Thermal cycling
  • Cryogenic Operations (including proper venting)
  • 100% Sealing/Vacuum Feedthrough
  • CTE and Thermal

Materials Expertise

US Motion provides the following materials expertise:

  • Vacuum stability of materials that mitigate risk of damage to sensitive optics, detectors
  • Identifying and preventing contamination sources that would corrupt samples
  • Selection, processing and validation of epoxies and adhesives, lubrication, flux, and insulation (TML/CVCM per NASA SP-R-0022A/NASA Out Gassing Database, processed to manufacturer’s recommendations with vacuum bake-out and validation through testing per ASTM E 595/ASTM 1559E) stable in vacuum, temperature extreme and radiation environments

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