mechatronics supply chain management

Mechatronics Supply Chain Management

Accurate Mechatronic Engineering and Expedited Product Delivery

Our teams, staff, managers, and facilities come together to handle your vacuum requirements, master sub-micron machining in house, and demonstrate the fine craftsmanship required.

A long track record of timely and highest quality product design and production gives US Motion the edge in customer choice for their custom mechatronic products. We employ a staff of astute knowledge and skills to work with all of the steps in designing and producing specimen stages, vacuum load locks, micro-handlers and optical parts for a large range of advanced analytical instruments.

Mechanical Design and Assembly of an Ultra-High Resolution SEM Stage

US Motion leads the field for manufacturing Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) for material science, life science, electronics and industrial applications. One of the key components of a SEM is the electro-mechanical module that accurately positions the sample below the electron or ion optics, and is called a stage. US Motion manufactures an Ultra-high resolution (UHR) SEM stage, and has also developed a 110 mm SDB stage for the same company.

Performance-critical Modules for Mass Spectrometry

US Motion supplies analytical equipment with modules for various instruments. Our customers, at times, will find a surge in product need and we have the flexibility to fast-ramp production when needed.

We help customers meet their challenges with:

  • High-end analytical instruments
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Software
  • Services
  • Consumables and reagents
  • The iCAP Q range are quadruple ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) for advanced analysis using Innovative Right Angle Positive Ion Deflection lens technology (90° ion optics) for separation of ions and neutrals.

US Motion is responsible for:

  • Fast ramp-up to series production
  • Assembly and test
  • Supply chain management
  • Cost price reduction

All provided to ease the train on our customers when the need for higher quantity product demands.