mechanical engineering load analysis

High Pressure Mechanical Engineering

Custom Mechatronics For High Pressure Environments

Harsh and high-pressure environments and conditions can have extreme effects on mechatronic assemblies and their components. US Motion provides mechanical engineering load analysis, as well as other testing methods to mitigate damage to mechatronic systems caused by harsh and high pressure environments.

We can identify your design needs and pressure vulnerabilities by providing the following testing:

  • Environmental Testing of High Temperature & Cryogenic High Pressure
  • Vacuum and Clean Room Manufacturing Processes & Assembly
  • Extended-time Mechatronic Operational Particulate Testing
  • Load Testing of Motion Control Systems
  • ESD-Sensitive Electronics Manufacturing, Integration & Testing

US Motion is adept at integrating many partners within our management system all under our own umbrella. Your custom mechatronics will be adaptable, reliable, possess longevity, and will be found faultless in their workload.

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