custom power generator

Custom Power Generator Design & Manufacturing for OEM Applications

Renewable energy sources are way underway and include many areas such as wind turbines. Our team of engineers has the know-how and expertise to design and manufacture your custom needs whether a frameless or fully housed generator. When you partner with us, your high performance generator needs are conceptualized and produced with high efficiency characteristics and workability.

Custom Generator Options:

  • Small to medium size generators, up to 2000W
  • Designed for efficiency, simplicity and low maintenance
  • Includes stator and drive sub-assemblies (no blades or towers)
  • Options include frameless or housed (sealed housings protect from corrosion and dirt)
  • Custom frameless generator sizes available
  • Direct drive variable speed
  • High efficiency (mechanical to electrical)
  • 3-phase power output
  • 150 – 1000 RPM
  • Permanent magnet generators, 12 – 24 pole (300V)
  • Induction generators, 24 – 48 pole
  • Direct connect to grid with USM custom-designed control electronics (220 – 480V)
  • Technical innovations for controlling power at various wind speeds
  • Built-in disc brake stops turbine at high wind speeds

We can help you with any custom generator design you need. Contact US Motion