custom power generator

Custom Power Generator Manufacturing

Power Generator Motor Design & Manufacturing

Renewable energy sources are well underway and include many applications, such as wind turbines. Our team of mechanical engineers leverage expertise in custom servo motors for power generator applications, and we provide power generator motor design and manufacturing to serve the unique needs of OEMs.

Whether your power generation application needs a custom frameless motor or a custom housed motor, US Motion has the capabilities and expertise to design and manufacture any custom servo motor that will meet your exact needs. When you partner with US Motion, your high-performance custom servo motor needs are conceptualized and produced with high efficiency, simplicity, low maintenance, and workability in mind.

Custom Servo Motor Options

  • 150 – 1000 RPM
  • Frameless or Housed Servo Motors (sealed housings protect from corrosion and dirt)
  • Custom Sizes for Frameless Motors
  • Small to Medium Size Generators, up to 2000W
  • Direct Drive Variable Speed
  • 3-Phase Power Output
  • Permanent Magnet Generators, 12 – 24 pole (300V)
  • Induction Generators, 24 – 48 pole
  • Direct Connect to Grid with USM Custom-Designed Control Electronics (220 – 480V)
  • Technical Innovations for Controlling Power at Various Wind Speeds
  • Built-in Disc Brake to Stop Turbine at High Wind Speeds

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