Mechanical Engineering Firm Specializing in Motion Control

Customer Partnership

Collaboration and innovation in delivering products and services that are a catalyst in the realization of each of our customers competitive advantage

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Full design and manufacturing in the US with quality global fulfillment replication in the Netherlands, Singapore, China and Malaysia

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At US Motion we provide custom engineered mechatronic solutions and high quality manufacturing to customers with a level of design collaboration that is unmatched by competitors

Working at US Motion

Working at US Motion means working on the leading edge technology. As a service provider, in manufacturing, machining, verification and test equipment to support specialty manufacturing

Quality Design and Implementation

Our customers are seeking highest technology solutions for mechatronic systems and demand technology that will far exceed the limits of normal manufacturing for Embedded Motion Control systems and Mechatronics.

The staff at US Motion are highly trained and equipped to provide True Custom Motion Control™ and Embedded Mechatronic components and subsystems for demanding applications in many industries. Our goal is to assist you in your specialized industry, whether it is spaceflight, medical components, power solutions, or more, providing the ultimate solution for your application. We ensure ultimate durability, reliability, associated traceability for your custom design, and true validation and testing.

US Motion represents a true collaborative team creating products for you that represent highest value and success of your product leading to maximum success for your particular marketplace.

Global Presence

The worldwide presence of US Motion allows a global element in providing True Custom Motion Control™ and Embedded Mechatronic components for all our customers. This broad geographical presence allows us to respond to the specific need for your company in a fast and effective manner, still providing the highest quality product.