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Vacuum Stability of Materials – selection, testing and certification of CVCM and TML per SP-R-0022A/NASA Outgassing Database

Temperature Extremes

Stress analysis and lifetime testing in the thermal and vacuum environment, temperature extremes, including thermal cycling, cryogenic (deep space) to high temperature (>200°C)

High Pressure

US Motion provides principles and technical requirements for our customers that have applications in high pressure environments, such a subsea. These pressures can have a profound affect on equipment and components

Sample Management

At US Motion we want to partner with you, we have competences, capabilities and experience to develop and manufacture the equipment you need


US Motion has the knowledge, know-how and experience to design and manufacture custom frameless generators (or fully housed) for wind turbines and or other applications

Motion Control

US Motion designs and manufactures high reliability custom motion control components and systems that manipulate optics, particle beams, and measurement and detection

With an incredible team of engineers and staff, we provide our customers with the utmost proficiency in areas that encompass mechatronics including designing products for highly caustic, high vacuum, thermal cycling, and/or high pressure applications.

US Motion takes our customer needs and specifications and creates the absolutely best and most current technology based products!